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Home & Garden Items For Less At PriceReel

If you’ve recently moved into a new place or simply just need to give your home a refreshing, new look, check out PriceReel for a price comparison of the best home and gardens items. From interior décor to kitchenware and even gardening tools, this is the place to get everything you need for your home without stretching out your budget.

The best thing about PriceReel, other than finding fantastic online deals, is you don’t have to leave your home at all! You can just walk through your own house, figure out what you need, and then order it all online. All of this comes to you without the hassle of shopping in a store.

Here are some of the many items you’ll find in the Home and Gardens section of PriceReel:

Bathroom Items

For your bathroom, you’ll find all the necessities on this website without the worry of getting poor quality products. Our bathroom supplies include, but are not limited to, bath rugs, towels, bath linen sets, bathroom furniture, and various accessories.

Rather than perusing through a store and trying to find the right set of towels to match the bath rug, go to PriceReel to find everything you need in moments rather than going down aisle after aisle to make sure you have everything.

Interior and Exterior Décor

Decorating your home can be challenge; With all of the shops and options out there, it's hard to know if you're getting the best bang for your buck. To eliminate the uncertainty, PriceReel brings the price comparison to you. Look forward to finding items like beautiful area rugs, attractive artwork, clocks, curtains, vases, candles and more. If you want to accent the style you already have, you find picture frames, candle holders, figurines, or collectibles. Or, if you need to improve the atmosphere of your deck or patio, there is also a variety of outdoor décor items that would combine well with in PriceReel’s lawn and garden section.

Household Appliances

PriceReel makes it easy to compare prices for your garden and household needs without actually having to leave either one. Uncover a wide variety of air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, and vacuum cleaners. For the kitchen you can find compact or beverage refrigerators, cooktops, dishwashers, freezers, ice makers, microwave ovens, toasters, and toaster ovens.

Household Supplies

Create a clutter-free household with all of the storage, sorting and organizing products you can find at PriceReel. Browse through a wide variety of online deals for furniture supplies, cleaning supplies, laundry items, and whatever you need to help organize your storage.


A kitchen is only as functional as its kitchenware. Instead of buying low-quality ware at a high-price, turn to PriceReel. Find long-lasting cookware, food storage items, kitchen appliances, tools, cutlery, utensils, and tableware. At PriceReel, the online shopping experience allows you to prepare and design your kitchen and dining room exactly how you like it.

Lawn & Garden

PriceReel’s garden supply will satisfy anyone who values the outside of their home just as much as the inside. Here, you’ll find efficient gardening tools and equipment that will keep your lawns looking pristine. If you want to add more flare to your outdoor living area, peruse through the lawn décor section as well. Although there are also outdoor décor items to shop for, the lawn décor is offered to inspire your creativity to extend throughout your home so visitors will get a sense of the environment you worked hard to create. Let the ability to shop for less boost your enthusiasm for decorating an unforgettable home.


Lighting inside and outside your home can be a stylistic move and a security measure. Having your home properly illuminated is an important part of keeping your household safe, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure your additionally lighting sets the mood for a room or the outdoors. On PriceReel, you’ll find a price comparison for ceiling lights along with ceiling fans, various lamps and lampshades, outdoor lighting amenities, and wall lights. Thanks to the great variety, expect to find lighting designs that won’t make your home look like every other house on your block.

Linens and Bedding

One of the most exciting parts about shopping online for home and garden supplies is decorating the bedroom. It's your own personal chamber, and when browsing through PriceReel, you can compare prices for all of the best mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, sheets, bedspread and cover sets, plenty of blankets, comforters, and throws, and bedding sets for any children you have.

The designs you can choose from will really get you thinking about the kind of look you want your bedroom to have, but the best part will be personalizing it in a way that fits you and your loved ones.

All the Other Stuff

Want to add a seasonal flare to your home? PriceReel can help with that. For the summer, you can look for the right pool and spa accessories to make your outdoor summer fun as exciting or as relaxing as you want. And when the cooler holidays come around, that means cuddle weather is around the corner. In addition to the soft, warm throws and blankets you bought, you can also purchase holiday decorations. The assortment of seasonal items you can shop for will be a perfect welcoming for friends and family coming over.

PriceReel truly is the best place to shop online deals for home and garden supplies at home. We have the best prices for the products you need.