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One Stop Solution for Phones and Accessories

With several online shops open today, it could be a colossal task to find a place to buy phones and accessories online at affordable prices. Worst of all, some shops offering cheap products online sell inferior ones. PriceReel recognizes this dilemma in phones and accessories sales online and therefore provides platform for you to shop phones and accessories seamlessly and at the most affordable price you can ever find. Price comparison provided here makes it easy for you to know the cheapest products for a given feature to purchase to get the most benefits.

PriceReel offers four major subcategories for phones and accessories, which includes accessories, cases, cell phones, and connected devices.

Cell Phone Accessories


Find high quality phone batteries on PriceReel including replacement batteries for all your phones and accessories.


Find the highest quality chargers for different brands of phones on PriceReel. You can shop for phone chargers across hundreds of retailers and choose the one that best matches your taste and budget.

Bluetooth Headsets

Inferior headsets could be a pain in the neck. PriceReel allows you to choose Bluetooth headsets from top retailers at highly affordable prices.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are seamless wireless connectors usually powered by battery, depending on design. Here in PriceReel, you can select products from top retailers available at affordable prices.

Car Accessories

Car accessories such as mounts and chargers could offer you convenience while traveling, enabling you to charge your mobile phone and stay connected. PriceReel helps you get the best accessories for your car.

Screen Protector

With high cost of some of the trending cell phones such as iPhones, Android, Samsung Galaxy and so forth, it could be a risk not to protect your cell phone screen with a screen protector. Some of the best screen protectors are provided at PriceReel helping you to compare prices and make a wise choice in purchase.

iPhone Accessories

You can shop for all your iPhone accessories on PriceReel such as iPhone cases, lightning adapters, docks, headphones, screen protector and so on.


Every car needs a handy phone mount. It not only allows you to keep your cell phone in a close range but it makes taking pictures easy. PriceReel provides you some of the best mounts at cheap prices.

Signal Boosters

Using a cell phone with poor network is simply a torment. With the best signal boosters found on PriceReel, you can boost your cell phone signals even while you travel.

Cell Phone Cases

iPhone Cases

iPhone cases not only protects your iPhone but also makes it look more stylish. Cases are produced by different manufacturers, making their qualities and features different. PriceReel allows you to make a good choice by guiding you through price comparison. You can find cases for different models of iPhone including iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6s and so forth.

Android Cases

PriceReel lets you compare prices on cases for top android phones including Google Pixel, Galaxy S7, Motorolla, LG, Sony Xperia, HTC and so forth. OtterBox cases and some other quality cases can also be found.

Cell Phones

Apple (iPhone)

iPhone is truly a flagship smartphone with huge customer base. At PriceReel, you can peruse online deals for top notch iPhones to make a good choice.


Android does not submit to iPhone, it boasts of its powerful OS and features with Android 7 Nougat being the latest. You can buy high quality Android phones including Sony Xperia, LG, Galaxies and so forth and even Blackberry devices in PriceReel.


Samsung Galaxy and products demands special consideration, they are indeed flagship phones, a great rival to iPhones. You can shop Galaxy S7, J7 and so forth on PriceReel.

Cell Phones with Plans

You can easily opt in for cell phones with data plans to browse the internet cheaper and save money. PriceReel provides you varieties of online deals to help you choose.

No-Contract Phones

Perhaps you do not need any plan or contract in your cell phone. PriceReel also provides you different classes of phones with no-contract, helping you to compare and choose the best.

Unlocked Phones

Unlocked phones allow you to choose your carriers and plans. Of course, you can have the phones unlocked before you purchase. PriceReel makes it easy to find the best prices for unlocked phones online.

Connected Devices

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile hotspots or portable hotspots keep you connected at all times by providing wireless internet access on many devices including smartphones. With PriceReel's online deals you can purchase mobile hotspots from the best vendors at affordable prices.

Smart Watches

Apple, Samsung, LG and some other smartphone giants provide high quality smart watches. Price comparison and product overview on PriceReel will help you to choose the best products.

Wearable Technology

Wearable devices and technologies including smart watches, rings, bracelets and even shoes are trending nowadays. PriceReel provides a catalog of varieties of wearable devices from top vendors and manufacturers allowing you to peruse carefully and choose the best of them.